What We Do

Who We Are

At LMI Technologies, we are passionate about developing innovative 3D scanning, measurement, and data visualization technologies that solve complex problems in a simple way. We take our knowledge and experience from working in the field and connect our customers to 3D solutions that enable them to achieve better business results. We build our products from the ground up; from concept, design, to manufacturing. With offices worldwide, we are committed to delivering the best 3D sensors, 3D smart sensors, and 3D scanners for your application.

Innovation comes from a passion to create solutions that result in empowerment and productivity.

Our Philosophy

We believe in making 3D technologies more accessible. We offer a broad spectrum of industrial, commercial, and consumer based 3D scanning, measurement, and data visualization solutions across various applications.

We are dedicated to working closely with our customers by listening to their needs and providing them with the best 3D imaging technologies we can offer.


Our History

Our history reminds us of how far we have come. For more than 35 years, our company has contributed to major development efforts in the field of 3D sensor technology and machine vision with over 100 patents.

Our company is built on providing 3D technologies centered on the user experience. We started the company by building 3D sensors for some of the harshest environments imaginable for 3D measurement and control. We expanded our operations by offering 3D scanners that deliver accurate, high resolution scans for 3D visualization. Our mission is to develop 3D technologies that inspire people to solve complex challenges in simple ways.

Today, LMI Technologies is part of the AUGUSTA Technologie AG group – a publicly listed German company whose focus is in the area of vision technologies.

Our Expertise

At LMI Technologies, we make 3D scanning, 3D measurement, and 3D visualization a reality by developing 3D sensors, 3D smart sensors, and 3D scanners with a dedicated research and development team. We build all of our products in our Canadian and European manufacturing facilities.