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Simplifying automated non-contact inspection across various industry applications
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Good Things Come in One Simple Package

Gocator is a 3D smart sensor that makes it easy for manufacturing facilities to inspect materials and improve quality control at production speed. Gocator is ideal for a wide variety of non-contact, in-line inspection applications. What makes Gocator a 3D 'smart' sensor is its ability to make 3D measurement and control decisions (sorting, pass/fail, alerts) within a single device. Gocator includes everything needed for setup, measurement and control in a pre-calibrated package. In addition to its 3D scanning capability, the 3D smart sensor includes a built-in web server with flexible measurement tools all inside the sensor. No external computers or software is required. The 3D smart sensor scans shape, measures critical dimensions, and communicates to factory floor equipment all from a web browser. Gocator makes implementation simple even for those with limited experience in 3D measurement technology. Sensors can be configured and integrated from any computer, regardless of operating systems. The sensor can interface to existing control systems, including PLCs using Ethernet, digital, analog, and/or serial output. Select the method you want to trigger and scan. With Gocator, the significant cost and error of manual inspection can be eliminated and product quality can be dramatically improved.

Delivers Consistent, Reliable Results Every Time

Gocator is our company’s labor of love. We have a dedicated research and development team that takes every factor into consideration when designing the Gocator: from product design, to user experience, to the quality of the output data.

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    Compact footprint for small space and robot arm deployment
  • 2

    Rugged IP67 Construction for the harshest industrial environments
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    Built-in data processing puts the smart in Gocator 3D smart sensors
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    Factory pre-calibrated optics and temperature stable mounting deliver highly accurate, repeatable results right out of the box
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    Rich I/O for communicating with your hardware and choosing how you trigger and scan

Measures Every Critical Dimension

Gocator is available in three different scanning technologies that include a full range of models and options that can be tailored to your requirements: displacement, profile, and snapshot. Each type of sensors can be set up to measure critical information that matters to you most. Gocator includes decision making, with the ability for users to set limits on the device to generate pass/fail decisions automatically.

Web-browser Simplicity, Detailed Results

Image of Gocator GUI Intensity

Using the Gocator requires no coding or advanced 3D knowledge. All Gocator sensors have a built-in web-based user interface that you access from your favorite web browser with no additional separate software required. Gocator’s responsive Graphical User Interface (GUI) is designed so that set up, measurement, and control decisions can be made at the click of a mouse. Real-time data visualization provides stunning feedback of what you’re measuring and what those results look like.

Works with your favorite web-browser

Gocator Full Browser Support

Powerful Built-in
Measurement Tools

We’ve developed an extensive set of tools to tackle most inspection challenges. Measurement tools eliminate the need for development of application specific software. However, if you need to perform a specific measurement not found in Gocator’s toolset, you have the flexibility to add your own C-based code using the built-in script tool.

Total Control With Open Source SDK

We believe in empowering our customers. The SDK (software development kit) provides you with complete control and management of Gocator to fit your specific needs. Use the Gocator SDK to create network TCP/IP connections, stream data into circular buffers, parse XML settings, and manage multiple threads. With all of the C-based code provided, you can decide exactly how Gocator acquires and processes data on any computer or mobile device you want.

Gocator SDK


Scalable 3D Measurement Solution

The 3D smart sensor is capable of scanning objects from multiple angles, determining real thickness, or increasing the field of view to cover a wide surface using more than one sensor. With Master controllers you can easily scale from a single sensor to dual sensor and multi-sensor systems of up to 24 Gocators.